Snaps To Smith (Again)

The Olivier Awards 2011 - Press RoomApparently Legally Blonde: The Musical won three big prizes at the fancy-schmancy Laurence Olivier theater awards this Sunday, leaving Andrew Lloyd Webber choking on its dust, as his seven nominations came to naught and he went home empty-handed. Hah-ha! To be fair though, I imagine his house is huge and stuffed full of money, so it’s probably best not to gloat too much…

Anyway, LB:tM was named “Best New Musical”, while lovely, lovely Sheridan Smith was crowned “Best Actress in a Musical”, and co-star Jill Halfpenny took the prize for “Supporting Performer in a Musical”. According to The Australian (!) Smith, who was born in Doncaster, said the award marked the pinnacle of her career: “This is such an honour… little me from Donny. I’m a complete chav.” 

Here’s a rather sweet photo of her getting a little bit teary over her award. Bless. There’s also a nice video interview on the BBC News site, where she talks about the show.

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