Quasi-GothWatch: Madeline Blue

Madeline Blue as ‘Cure Girl’ in “Wet Hot American Summer”Although she doesn’t get many lines in Wet Hot American Summer (2001), Madeline Blue still manages to make a big impression, by virtue of a strong Goth-y look and her innate cuteness. Her character is supposed to be a fan of The Cure (hence her being called ‘Cure Girl’ in the credits) but she doesn’t really behave in a manner befitting the archetype… in fact she even initiates a group hug at one point! Still, if I were a contemporary of hers at Camp Firewood, I suspect I would’ve ended up working on a science project alongside all the other “indoor kids”… and crushing on her something chronic!

Aside from singular appearances in The Sopranos and Law & Order and a couple of commercials, Blue doesn’t have many other credits to her name… but it’s obvious from her Instagram that she’s grown up to be quite a hottie. I hate to bang on about this, but I do love a woman with a prominent nose and strong eyebrows… in fact, I dig her look so much, she’s actually inspired a new character for my comic book! So, yay to her! Whether the book will get published in time for her to play the part in a movie adaptation is another matter entirely…

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