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Sarah Buehler as 'Glenda' in "Life"The second season of Life featured two notable Goth characters. First up was Sarah Buehler in ep 2.4 as ‘Glenda’, the bitter college roommate of an obnoxiously perky student who volunteered for a social experiment set in a faux-prison, and then went on the run when things took a violent turn. Glenda gets some good snarky lines to deliver while noshing her way through a bowl of noodles, but sadly she’s just a one-scene-wonder. Crews seems to warm to her though, so yay for that. Oddly enough, I’d almost posted about Buehler before, when she appeared in The Big Bang Theory as one of the cute Goth girls that Howard and Raj try to impress with their fake sleeve tattoos. As far as I can tell from her gallery at IMDb, Buehler’s own body mods are the real deal, which may explain why she still gets cast in small, anonymous roles such as “Goth Barista”, “Pierced Reporter” and “Punk Teen”. Maybe I’ll have to write a spin-off from Big Bang for her to star in, about a group of four Goth/Punk girls and the culture-clash hilarity that ensues when a really cute-but-dim male cheerleader moves into the apartment across the hall from theirs!

Gena Shaw in 'Fiera Schwartz' in "Life"Next up in ep 2.19 was Gena Shaw playing ‘Fiera Schwartz’, a young offender Crews spots collecting litter outside the morgue where a Coroner was found murdered, as part of her community service. Technically she doesn’t answer one way or the other when he asks her point-blank if she’s a Goth… but she does admit that she was arrested for disorderly conduct outside a venue called “Bleak”, so I’d say she fits the profile. There’s a later scene where Crews makes his way through a Goth-y club, and the screen is filled with lingering shots of sexy extras… but none of them get any dialogue, so I’m not counting them here. Again, Shaw gets some good lines and plays the part very well… but the only other title on her resume I recognise is an uncredited role as a “Party Girl” in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)… so I guess I’ll have to cast her in my hypothetical/imaginary sitcom spin-off too!

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