GothWatch: Big Bang Babes

Sarah Buehler as ‘Sarah’ in “The Big Bang Theory”Posting about Sarah Buehler’s cameo in Life prompted me to watch her episode of The Big Bang Theory (#3.3) again for a refresher. She plays ‘Sarah’, a rather sullen, self-deprecating Goth girl that Raj and Howard try to impress with their fake sleeve tattoos and boastful talk about the many Goth-y things they do… although sadly they never resort to the sort of creepy scatological nonsense that Julian Barratt spouted under similar circumstances in The Mighty Boosh. Actually, the majority of their spiel is directed towards Sarah’s gal-pal ‘Bethany’, played by Molly Morgan, leaving Sarah with a running gag about how no one cares what she has to say. I couldn’t figure out if this was intended to suggest that her character was naturally down on herself, or if her attitude was related to the fact that Bethany was dressed in a more overtly girly/sexy style, and was therefore attracting the most attention that night. Then again, she seemed to be getting big laughs out of the audience either way, so why split hairs?

Molly Morgan as ‘Bethany’ in “The Big Bang Theory”Although I thought Buehler was very funny in Life, when you look at Morgan’s resume, it’s easy to see why she got the lion’s share of the lines here. Apparently she’s been in “the biz” since 1985! I have to assume that she was a child/baby star, because she really doesn’t look old enough to have been around that long otherwise. Sadly the majority of her credits are one-episode-wonders, including such minor anonymous roles as ‘Anarchist’, ‘Girl in Black’, ‘Punk Girl’ and ‘Purple Hair Girl’… although she was a recurring “guest star” in the Alien Nation TV series, playing ‘Jill Molaskey’. Whoever that was. Morgan doesn’t get anything especially hilarious to say in this episode, since she’s more of a plot cog than a fully fleshed-out character… although that outfit does show plenty flesh, so I’m sure she’s won a few new admirers now (myself included, obviously).

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