I’m Super, Thanks For Asking

Ellen Page as ‘Libby’ (aka ‘Boltie’) in “Super”So, now that I’ve decided to forgive Ellen Page for Juno, I was excited to learn that she has a new comedy opening today called Super, in which she plays the sidechick of a deluded vigilante with a homemade costume and no powers (Rainn Wilson). Yes, that premise is a teeny bit well-worn by now, and the reviews aren’t looking too hot so far… but from what I’ve read Page goes full-tilt psycho in this, and that’s always going to be worth watching, right? Plus… y’know… she does look pretty damn cute in that costume. While we’re on a genre tip, I’d still like to see her star in an X-Men: Shadowcat spin-off movie someday, but until then this will just have to suffice.

Oh, and there’s a very endearing interview with Page over at the AV Club, in which she discusses the movie, weighs her ecological concerns against her professional commitments, and says “frick” an awful lot. Bless her.

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