Precious Little Olivia

Olivia Hallinan as 'Joey' in "Precious Little Talent"Apparently Olivia Hallinan (of Sugar Rush and Lark Rise fame) is starring in a new play right now called Precious Little Talent (Trafalgar Studios 2, London), April 5th – April 30th. To quote the press release: Precious Little Talentis the story of two 20-somethings graduating into a world that’s sold them down the river. Londoner Joey’s got a first class degree, 20K worth of debt and works in a pub. It’s Christmas and she flees to New York in a bid to find comfort with her estranged father. Just as the world seems to have shunned her, so will he. Yet in the face of such rejection, world-weary Joey falls in love with an idealistic young American and learns what it is to have hope in the future. With its haunting contemporary themes about a father desperate not to forget his daughter and two young people determined not to be forgotten by the world, Precious Little Talent will strike a chord with audiences of all ages.”

If I were her I’m not sure I’d necessarily want my name associated with that particular title in people’s minds, but it does at least give critics the chance to assert how much talent she actually does have! I couldn’t find too many reviews posted online, but they all seem pretty positive so far:

Olivia Hallinan is both spiky and magnetic as Joey.”London Evening Standard

“The relationship between Sam and Joey is presented with great tenderness… Hallinan mixes reckless confidence with acute vulnerability.”  – The Stage

“Devastatingly pretty.”The Independent

Can’t argue with that!


“It’s well cast, too, with Olivia Hallinan energetic but acidic as the daughter” The Daily Mail

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