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Ellen Wong as ‘Knives Chau’ in “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”[Contains SPOILERS]

Finally got around to watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010). As an Edgar Wright fanboy I really should have made the effort sooner, but… er… I’m also a miser, and I wanted to wait until the price came down. Sorry. As far as I can tell, this flick was a bit of a flop at the box office, but I can’t really speculate about that in any sort of informed, objective way because I TOTALLY HATE HOW THE STORY ENDS. So this post is mostly going to be a rant about that… although I have to say I thought the fight scenes were insanely awesome… and the jokes were funny… and the music scenes rocked hard… and I’m officially confirming Michael Cera as my new favourite actor. Unfortunately, all of this brilliance was wrapped around a romance that I just couldn’t give a crap about. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Mary Elizabeth Winstead was totally adorable in Death Proof, but the character she plays here is too aloof and tepid for me to dredge up any affection for. The idea of having to fight even one Evil Ex to win her cold, grey heart seems far more trouble than it’s worth… so fighting seven of them just seems silly to me. Maybe if Pilgrim had been totally alone and sad at the start of the story it would have made more sense, but he already had a super-fun, super-cute girlfriend by the name of ‘Knives Chau’ (Ellen Wong) to pal around with. Granted, she probably was too young and hyper for him… but she also seemed really sweet and supportive, and they clearly had great chemistry together.

Anyway, after yawning a hearty “meh” at the movie’s official ending, imagine my surprise to discover that the original ending actually had Scott choosing Knives instead! Apparently test audiences hated it, and it contradicted the original comic book series (which, rather confusingly, wasn’t completed until after the movie was in production), so Wright eventually chose to reshoot it. I agree that it’s unlikely the newly empowered and kickass Knives would take the cheating Scott back as quickly as she does on-screen, but I still got a little weepy over seeing them playing in the arcade together again, and getting a “perfect” score. It’s just more romantic and satisfying somehow. Interestingly, Wright notes that during the test screenings, older viewers tended to prefer the original ending too. I’m not sure if that’s just because people get more sentimental as they get older, or if they realise (to paraphrase Judge Judy) that cool hair colours fade, but standoffishness is forever.

I’ll definitely watch this movie again… and laugh and thrill and hail Wright as a visual genius again… so it’s not like I’m asking for my money back here. I just wish I could watch a fuller alternate version where Knives is the ultimate victor instead.

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