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Vicki Pepperdine as “Dr. Pippa Moore” in ‘The Angina Monologues’As a Getting On fan, I was aware of The Angina Monologues (an evening of live, female-fronted comedy in aid of the British Heart Foundation, at which Scanlan and Pepperdine performed in character), but I didn’t think I’d ever get to see any footage from it. Apparently a recording of the show was broadcast on Sky at some point, but since I don’t know anyone with satellite TV, that wasn’t much use to me! But, as I was doing my usual trawl around the charity shops last week, I saw a large poster in the window of our local BHF, featuring the smiling face of Victoria Wood (who hosted the Monologues), and promising a free “special edition” DVD of “unseen footage” from the show to anyone who donated their own unwanted DVDs and CDs. Well, I didn’t actually have anything to donate that day, so I politely asked the old lady working the till if there was any way I could buy the disc from her, instead. As luck would have it, a previous donor had chosen not to claim their copy, so the lady offered it to me for free! Weirdly, she seemed irritated by my attempts to give her some money for it, but I dropped some cash in the collection box anyway, ‘cuz that’s how I roll, yo.

Isy Suttie in "The Angina Monologues"It was nice to see Jessica Hynes and Julia Davis reviving their cosy-but-disturbing double act as “Lizzie and Sarah”… is this the last we’ll ever see of the two? I hope not. Katy Brand was also very funny, playing one of the stronger characters from her Fat Ass sketch show. I’d never seen Isy Suttie outside of sitcoms like Peep Show and Whites before, but she had such an affable and infectious stage presence, I’d definitely like to check out more of her stand-up sometime. She’s adorable! It was a little disconcerting to see Getting On played as a crowd-pleasing pantomime, but I thought it worked rather well. Certainly made me laugh, anyway. Sadly, seeing the brief snippets featured here, buried in amongst the many, many “talking head” segments of comedians and charity types telling me how awesome the show was, has just made me hungry for a proper, full-length version! Make it so.

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