GothWatch: Debbies of Varying Size

Ariel Badenhop as ‘Big Debbie’ and Ali Akay as ‘Little Debbie’ in “My Name Is Bruce”My TV takes a while to “warm up”, meaning the screen takes a little while to lighten up… so, when I first started watching My Name Is Bruce (2007), the opening night-time scenes were wasted on me. I was able to discern from the dialogue that two teenage boys had driven to a cemetery to hook up with a couple of Goth girls, but I could barely make them out on-screen… or even see exactly how they snuffed it! In fact, it wasn’t until I watched the “making of” featurette on the second disc that I realised how cute they both were. Thankfully I was able to appreciate their big (and only) scene a lot better when I looped back around to listen to the commentary track.

‘Little Debbie’ (Ali Akay) probably gets the most screentime to herself when she goes wandering off alone, but she doesn’t survive very long separated from the others… ‘Big Debbie’ (Ariel Badenhop) lives a little bit longer, but also has to endure having her boobs groped by a dismembered hand before dying. Ew! I suppose, since their idea of a good time is going to a sacred burial site to “break stuff”, you could argue that they got their just desserts… but personally I would have preferred to see them make it out alive, just so I could get a better look at their costumes in the daylight! Ah well…

About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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