BAFTA-TV 22/05/11

Lauren Socha at the Bafta TV Awards 2011The BAFTA TV awards 2011 were held last night, and broadcast on BBC1. I thought it might be a bit of a chore to sit through for two whole hours, but Graham Norton made for a pretty hilarious host… although I was a bit annoyed to see him make a joke about Tracey Emin’s infamous bed installation, when he introduced her to present an award. I know she’s got a retrospective on at the moment, but when are people going to stop taking the piss out of that piece? It’s been over ten years now… let it go! Anyway, here are some random observations on the show and the judges’ decisions…

– Obviously I think Misfits should have won “Best Drama Series” instead of Sherlock, but it was impossible to be too upset when Mark Gatiss made such a charming acceptance speech. According to him it was also Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday, so I guess their win was kismet!

– Still, at least Lauren Socha won “Best Supporting Actress”… a much deserved win, a fantastic frock, and a sweet acceptance speech that reduced fellow-Misfit Antonia Thomas to tears!

– It was nice to hear Life get a shout-out when Norton introduced Damian Lewis to present an award. Wonder how many viewers actually knew what he was referring to?

– I didn’t have any feelings one way or the other about the “Best Continuing Drama” award, but I was glad that Eastenders won simply because it meant seeing Nina Wadia (of Goodness Gracious Me fame) stood up on stage in a very sexy dress. I was even happier when she returned later in the show to present an award. She’s such a cutie!

Nina Wadia at the Bafta TV Awards 2011Gillian Anderson gave a very dry and funny introduction to the “Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme” award. Not sure I’d want to get on the wrong side of her though… she’s kinda scary.

– A few brief shots of Vicki Pepperdine looking very happy for Jo Brand when she won “Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme” for Getting On. I think VP was mouthing the words “I told you!” as JB got up from the table. Shame to see Katherine Parkinson get snubbed for her work in The IT Crowd, of course… but if all the nominees won, it wouldn’t actually be a competition, would it?

– The “YouTube Audience Award” (voted for by YOU the public) actually pitched Downton Abbey, The Killing, The Only Way Is Essex, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Sherlock and Miranda against each other! Apples, oranges and lemons there.

– Daniel Rigby actually made me a little weepy when accepting his award for “Best Leading Actor” in Eric and Ernie. Bless.

– Apparently Sheridan Smith presented the “Best Comedy Programme” award, but her appearance was truncated in an “Other Awards We Didn’t Have Time For” clips package. Shame.

The Killing won “Best International Drama”, but again the presentation was dashed off at the end of the show, without much fanfare. Sofie Gråbøl was looking pretty glam… must make a nice change from trudging through damp fields in a dowdy jumper looking at dead foxes! I think her dyed-blonde hair might have confused the paparazzi though, because I can’t find any photos of her at the usual sites…

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