Forbrydelsen FTW

Sofie Gråbøl at the BAFTA Awards 5/11It seemed odd to me that there weren’t any photos of Sofie Gråbøl with her BAFTA anywhere online (even on the Academy’s own site), considering that The Killing was apparently popular enough to be nominated for two awards, one of which was based purely on public votes! But a mini-diary that Gråbøl kept for the Danish newspaper 24timer does provide a partial explanation for the absence. As far as I can tell, via Google Translate, the story goes like this: After receiving their statuette, the recipients were ushered into a backstage room for an interview and a photograph… but in all the confusion their producer, Piv Bernth, walked off with the statuette, and there was no phone signal in the building, so they’d couldn’t get hold of her! Ergo, no official photo… although the 24timer site managed to post a couple of snaps of them with their awards (taken from a Danish media website), so it still doesn’t really explain why there aren’t more images out there, from other sources.

In the diary she also admits that she wasn’t recognised by anyone when she made her way up the red carpet, and jokes that perhaps she should have worn her trademark sweater and pulled her hair into a pony-tail! The funniest part though is where she muses we must remember to say that Eva Braun is a beautiful woman, if we win. A little nod to Lars von Trier.” Zing!

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