PunkWatch: Ashley Eckstein (nee Drane)

Ashley Eckstein as ‘Punk Rock Girl’ in “Prey For Rock & Roll”Her character in Prey For Rock & Roll (2003) is known simply as “Punk Rock Girl”, but she’s actually a standout character as far as I’m concerned. In amongst all the tragedy and gloom, she’s a reliably ebullient bright-spot, enthusiastically throwing the devil-horns, gleefully thrashing her guitar, and helpfully suggesting that Clam Dandy’s songs would sound much better if played as fast and as loud as possible. Right on. Plus the fact she kinda looks like ‘Roxy Richter’ from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Before landing the gig, Eckstein appeared as ‘Jan Brady’ in The Brady Bunch in the White House, replacing Thalia-favourite Jennifer Elise Cox… who was edging into her 30’s at the time, so fair enough. It’s reassuring to discover that Eckstein went on to have a decent comedy career afterwards too, with supporting spots on That ’70s Show, Drake & Josh, That’s So Raven and Sydney White, before landing a major starring role as the voice of ‘Ahsoka Tano’ in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In her off-duty hours, she’s also the brains behind Her Universe, a company that produces cute licensed clothing targeted specifically at sci-fi fangirls. Bless her.

PS. If you’re as curious about the name change as I was, she apparently married a baseball player named David Eckstein in 2005. So… er… a belated “Congrats!” to them.


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