They All Float Down Here…

Mia Kirshner as ‘Faith Hardy’ in “They Come Back”How’s this for a spooky coincidence: Just the other night, I was watching Party Monster and wishing I could see more of Mia Kirshner’s work, and the very next day Ch5 broadcast They Come Back, a TV-movie she made back in 2007! I’d actually seen it once before, but this time around I had access to a digital recorder, so I now have my very own copy to keep forever and ever (or at least until the hard-drive gets full). For those who don’t know, Kirshner plays a non-practicing psychologist who reluctantly agrees to talk to a child whose parents died in a car accident, and who now seems to be “acting out” by slamming doors and breaking things, then denying all responsibility. Does the kid need some serious therapy… or is the source of the disturbance actually supernatural in origin? Hmmm…

Okay, the music is a bit cheesy, and some of the SFX look quite cheap… and it’s got a weird air of emptiness about it, like all these TV-movies they show in the afternoon seem to have… but Kirshner and the girl (Niamh Wilson) act their socks off, and there is a genuinely shocking secret to be revealed at the end, for those patient enough to stick around that long. If I’d been watching this as a kid on a sick-day, then I bet it would have scared the crap out of me… and it still gives me a few chills here and there, even leaving me a little weepy at the end, despite all its flaws. I’m not saying it’s a lost classic or anything… but it’s certainly no worse than Return To Me, and that got a DVD release (several in fact)! Which reminds me, I’d love to see Kirshner and Sarah Michelle Gellar cast as sisters sometime… preferably in a sitcom, where the more responsible and mature older sister (MK) is forced to move in with her flighty, irresponsible younger sister (SMG), after the older sibling’s husband is arrested for insider trading (or similar “white-collar” crime). Hilarity ensues!

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2 Responses to They All Float Down Here…

  1. Liberator of all Krill says:

    Gee, just like a smarter ‘Birds of a Feather’?
    No, no. Not like BoaF…. at all.

    • deecrowseer says:

      Sadly I also got flashbacks to BoaF, after I’d typed up my premise… and I’d love to slag off that show, but it ran a lot longer than anything I’ve ever written! :(

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