Wherefore Art Thou, Amara?

Amara KaranI could have sworn a straight-to-DVD horror movie called The Task (2010) was supposed to be coming out this month, but according to the retail sites it won’t actually be out until July. So, either my thirty-something memory is failing me… or they pushed the release date back? For those who don’t know, it’s a fairly standard slasher flick about reality-show contestants trapped inside a haunted prison, being picked off by a ghostly warden. Yawn. The only reason I’m even aware it exists is that the insanely adorable Amara Karan appears in it, as a character named ‘Toni’. Sadly, she doesn’t get much more than a single line of dialogue in the trailer, and it doesn’t look as if she survives to see the end credits, so I’m not sure how much I really want to watch it now… I’d hate to see her getting all stabbed up, poor thing! Apparently it had a very, very limited theatrical release in the States earlier this year, eliciting a short and not-especially-sweet review from Variety, which concludes with this rather succinct summation: “Pic sports adequate production values and performances… but could have used more carefully wrought atmosphere and set pieces.” Not exactly a rave, is it?

Meanwhile, I was a little unnerved to see that an upcoming film had disappeared from her IMDb page altogether… and I was having trouble finding any new information about it…. but it turns out that the production company have simply decided to change the title! It’s an adaptation of an Olivier Award-winning play named Rafta Rafta (by Ayub Khan Din), which was based on a play from the 60’s named All In Good Time (by Bill Naughton)… so, rather confusingly, the film started out being called Rafta Rafta, and is now being called All In Good Time! Apparently Karan plays a newlywed bride whose husband has some trouble working up the nerve to consummate their marriage, when they’re forced to spend their “honeymoon” at his parents’ house. I think Meera Syal is playing her mother-in-law, so it could be pretty good… but the film is simply listed as being “in post production” on the official site, so I’ve no idea how long we’ll have to wait until it’s released (or how many times the title will switch back and forth before then!)

Cue my standard conclusion to every Karan-related post: This woman deserves more starring roles, dammit! I mean she’s one of the most beautiful women alive, and she’s smart, charming, funny, and she can act! What’s not to love?

[Pic unrelated to either film, but you can’t really blame me for wanting to post it, can you?]

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