Hiccups Return

Emily Perkins as ‘Crystal Braywood’ in "Hiccups"Apparently I haven’t been playing close enough attention, because a new season of Canadian sitcom Hiccups started last month, and I completely blanked it! Lucky for me only three episodes have been broadcast so far, so I should be able to catch up pretty quickly. I’ve just watched the first instalment, and am happy to report that it’s pretty much business as usual, as far as the style of humour goes… gentle and upbeat, but still kinda quirky. The main cast are all present and correct too, although Crystal isn’t in quite the same shape she was when we last saw her. I don’t want to give the joke away, so I won’t post any spoiler pictures… but it was great to see Emily Perkins again, still looking super-pretty (even with a homemade face pack on!) Series star Nancy Robertson is also very cute, of course… and very funny… but I still can’t figure out why she would let her real life hubby have an on-screen wife who looked like Paula Rivera! It makes no sense to my eye-balls!

Anyway, I’m glad the show’s back for another run… even if it isn’t (officially) available on this continent yet…

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