Party Diva!

Diva Zappa as 'Astrid' in "The Mighty Boosh"Over three series of The Mighty Boosh, they managed to weave an impressive number of cameos by various music types into the show… ranging from contemporary indie-schmindie bands that I couldn’t give a toss about, to scary electro ladies like Robots in Disguise, and true industry legends like Gary Numan and Roger Daltrey!

But the one that got me most excited was Diva Zappa’s appearance in ep. #3.5 as an American girl who shows enough of an interest in Howard to trick him into throwing a party to impress her. Sadly there’s no commentary track on that episode, so I’ve no idea how it came about… although there is a nice interview with her about her Art over at The Velvet Onion, which refers to a later live appearance with The Boosh. She doesn’t actually get any overtly funny lines here, but her straight-faced reaction to Howard’s over-enthusiastic blustering is good for a few chuckles, and she does look hella cute throughout… even if the image of her pulling her face off in the deleted scenes is a bit of a turn-off.

SPOILER: She’s Old Gregggggg!!!

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