Tilly Bye-Bye

Janeane Garofalo as ‘Tilly’ in “Ideal”And so, the seventh series of Ideal came to a cliff-hanger ending this week… seems like it flew by in the blink of an eye! This is the first time I’ve watched the show properly from start to finish, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. A lot of the jokes were a little corny, but that didn’t stop them being amusing… and there was more than enough drug-fuelled surrealism and sinister skulduggery to keep things interesting. I really enjoyed the running gag about a lethal gang of gingers called “The Red Mist”… and at least that new story arc gave me something to cling to, among all the other unfamiliar madness. Now, all I have to do is buy the previous instalments on DVD and figure out who the hell everyone else is/was!

Janeane Garofalo has spoken in the past about her discomfort with on-screen displays of “sexuality” (even balking at having to snog a sock puppet on The Ben Stiller Show!), so I was a little surprised to see her doing so many amorous scenes here… especially since she’s credited as a “special guest star”, and presumably has a degree of control over her character’s fate. I guess she must really love the show? Either that or she considers Johnny Vegas less of a sexual being than a sock puppet voiced by Andy Dick? Hmmm… Either way, we were treated to several close-ups of those gorgeous, gorgeous eyes of hers, so I’m not complaining. We also got to see her bare arms in the final episode, which was fun… I didn’t know she had so many tattoos! Ah, I do love a woman with ink…

Emma Fryer as ‘Tanya’ in “Ideal”My next favourite female cast member would have to be Emma Fryer, who plays a character called ‘Tanya’ (IMDb spells her name “Tania”, for some reason). I don’t know what she was getting up to in previous series, but in this one she’s managing a ludicrous local pop-star and intimidating his former writing-partner/bandmate. I’d seen Fryer before, in another cult-y sitcom called PhoneShop… but I didn’t watch more than the first episode of that, because I don’t have a mobile phone and didn’t really understand what they were talking about. That said, I remember being intrigued by her performance, because there was something so odd about it… in a good way, I mean… it’s like her characters are operating on a slightly different frequency to the people around her. I dig it. And she has a fantastic face, of course… incredible cheek bones. Apparently she co-wrote and starred in a comedy called Home Time for BBC 2, but that must have passed me by at the time. Looks like an interesting premise though… and a predominantly female cast, which is always to be applauded. Ooh, and the DVD comes out in August!

Meanwhile, my favourite character overall would have to be ‘Psycho Paul’, played by Ryan Pope… it’s always funny when someone constantly refers to themselves in the third person, and  I enjoy the way he exaggerates his Mancunian accent and stretches words way past their breaking point, like a lost Gallagher brother!

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