Camelot: Closed

Tamsin Egerton as ‘Guinevere’ in “Camelot”We’re only a few episodes into the first season of Camelot here in the UK, and now the news has broken that Starz will not be bringing it back for a second season “due to significant production challenges”… presumably something to do with getting all those fancy film stars together in the same place at the same time?

It’s a bit of a shame because, according to Deadline, the show was starting to pick up a following: Camelot wrapped its first season earlier this month by drawing 1.5 million total viewers, the second-highest viewership for the series behind its two-hour premiere, which set a network record for a series bow. It had been on a ratings upswing for its final few episodes.” And I was just starting to get used to seeing Tamsin Egerton with straight hair, and hearing Eva Green talking with a posh English accent. Tch! I wouldn’t say I was “hooked” on the show as yet, so it isn’t really a huge let-down for me personally… but it was nice having a bit of “sword and sorcery” action to look forward to every week. :(

Ooh, does this mean Egerton’s free to star in a sitcom now though? To the typewriter!!!

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