If You Insist…

Juno Temple at BAFTA “Brits to Watch”, outside the Belasco Theater (Los Angeles), 9th July 2011Yesterday BAFTA hosted their inaugural “Brits to Watch” event to shine a light on 42 talented-types they deem worthy of making nice with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, during their visit to California. To quote BAFTA’s press release, regarding the criteria: “The selection panel had no hard and fast rules about the number of previous credits a candidate should have, how old they are or how many years they need to have been in the business in order to be included. They looked at each person individually, assessing where they are in their careers and how they might benefit from the event and an introduction to Hollywood.”* Sadly only two actresses I care about made the cut, namely Talulah Riley and Juno Temple… and I’m not arguing with that, but I probably would have sent the cast of both St Trinian’s flicks along en masse! I guess Amara Karan’s already had her “introduction to Hollywood”, hasn’t she? Shame. According to The L.A. Times, when Temple found out she’d been invited she “freaked out” and “did a little dance” in her bedroom. Bless.


* It doesn’t say why they chose the number “42”, but I assume it’s in homage to Douglas Adams?

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