The Appuntice: Week 2

Ellie TaylorI hadn’t actually intended to write about Show Me The Funny every week, but here we are again! The first episode was given a sound thrashing by the real critics, and it’s getting killed in the ratings, so I’m not sure how many other people will be sticking around long enough to watch the live final, but I’m definitely in it for the long haul. Obviously it is a flawed format, but I’m invested in the fate of the contestants now, so I’m going to keep tuning in until my faves either get “fired” or win the bloody thing (not that they both can, of course… dammit!). Apparently it isn’t even popular enough to warrant decent promo pictures, so I’m going to have to keep recycling the ones I got from the comics’ own sites. Tch! Oh, and from now on I’ll be referring to the contestants by their first names… which is a little overfamiliar for my liking, but that seems to be the convention when writing about these sorts of shows.

So, this week the nine remaining gag-smiths rocked up to Europe’s largest military base, the Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, where they received two days worth of Army training, before performing for members of the Scots Guards. I was glad to see that the less athletic contestants were allowed to sit out some of the training… and I was right there on the bench with them, looking on in horror at all the crunching and running and lifting and (off-camera) vomiting. Ick. Not really sure how “inspired” they all felt after being put through their paces, but it probably helped to show what good sports they were, and build up a bit of goodwill before they were sent to the stage to face their audience!

Tiffany StevensonOnce again, the judges commented on how Ellie’s good-looks and girly persona could work against her, but as far as I could tell from the brief clip I saw, she’d put together another solid (and remarkably assured) set. She even managed to get some hearty laughs while building a jokey comparison between the Army and The X Factor! You’ve got to admire the way she’s remained so consistent, and true to herself, while still crafting custom-tailored jokes for such contrasting audiences. Neither of the women were selected for a pat on the head from the judges this week, but ITV have put Tiffany’s full five-minute act up on their website anyway… and I’m glad they did, because I was getting a little sick of seeing them cut her off so quickly. Unfortunately my computer seems to be allergic to their video player, and the clip kept jerking when I tried to watch it, but there was definitely some funny stuff in there… so both Ellie and Tiffany looking like serious contenders from where I’m sat!

[Insert awkward, self-conscious “Girl Power” gesture here]

Next week, it looks like they’ll all be performing for a bunch of school kids… which the voice-over tried to suggest was even scarier than performing for a room full of boozed-up Glaswegian squaddies!

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