Stood Up In NY

Janeane Garofalo in “John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show”The other day I caught a “Best of…” compilation, from a series called John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show. Apparently the series originally aired in America in early 2010, so this isn’t exactly breaking news… but a couple of my fave performers were featured, so I felt compelled to blog about it anyway! Oliver makes a great host, and his opening monologue (about how much he admires American “stupidity”) was hilarious, but for me the stand-outs were Janeane Garofalo and Kristen Schaal. As I’ve said before, I’m more familiar with Garofalo as an actress than a comedian, so it was cool to see her on stage, dishing out her own jokes for a change… but, er, I can’t really remember any of them right now… aside from the “security check” form she read aloud. That whole bit was a joke, right? I mean, they don’t seriously expect spies, terrorists and war criminals to casually identify themselves on random pamphlets, do they? Unless… was the paper laced with truth serum? That might work.

Kristen Schaal in “John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show”I’m not quite as obsessed with Schaal as I was when I first “discovered” her, although I did almost bust a lung laughing at her headlining act here. I was already familiar with her opening gag (about knocking down a cyclist in the street) from a clip I’d seen of her Edinburgh act a few years ago, but the rest of it was all new to me… and the part where she performed a little monologue from the POV of a discarded mattress was crazy-genius. Something about the strange and disturbing scenes the mattress had witnessed, combined with Schaal’s wide-eyed, childlike delivery, made me absolutely lose it. I’m still chuckling now, just thinking about it! Why doesn’t this woman have a DVD out already? I would buy the bejeezus outta that. Has she even had a full-length special to call her own? If not, that’s a damn shame.

Oh, and after that I watched Demetri Martin’s show Person. It was the first time I’d seen any of his stuff, and I didn’t stop laughing the whole way through. Hurrah for off-beat, indie comedy!

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  1. phantomxii says:

    It may not seem like breaking news, but it’s cutting-edge to me. I see a review like this and think “Wow, John Oliver did a stand-up series last year? I should find that!” And then I promptly forget about it and take a nice nap.

    (One of the shows I see a great deal of is Top Gear, so I’m almost more in tune with Jeremy Clarkson than anything American-made. Our viewing selections are often made by a certain young automotive enthusiast who lives in our house.)

    • deecrowseer says:

      I’ve never driven a car, and never intend to… have basically zero interest in cars as fetish objects… and yet, I am an avid Top Gear viewer! It’s become one of the most consistently funny shows on British TV, which is odd since it isn’t technically classified as a “comedy” show. Shame they don’t have “petrol headed” ladies like Jodie Kidd or Cameron Diaz on more often though… might be fun to have a female co-presenter…?

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