The Appuntice: Week 5

Ellie Taylor[An ongoing series of ill-informed rambles about ITV’s Show Me The Funny]

This week, the six remaining contenders were deposited in Pontypridd, South Wales, and split into three teams, to organise an evening of pub entertainment each, before attempting to “tackle” (ho ho) an audience of rowdy rugby players, and their sozzled supporters. In the early episodes, the editors seemed quite adept at highlighting moments from the “task” segments which inspired elements of the routines that followed… but lately, the pointlessness of the pre-gig tasks has become more and more apparent. Nothing of any real interest of relevance happened in the first half of this episode, beyond the fact that Tiff and Pat won the challenge, and were granted the power to decide which two comedians would perform an extended ten minute set (as opposed to the standard five minutes). Rather disappointingly, from a Machiavellian POV, they chose themselves.

Still, Tiff certainly seems to have pulled herself out of the slight slump she experienced during Week 3, and was praised by the judges (not to her face, but I’m sure she’s watched the show) for taking the time to really explore the town, and craft jokes relating to the everyday lives of the residents. Consequently, her bumper-sized routine went off like gangbusters… hurrah! Weirdly, Ellie seemed convinced that she’d be packing her bags this week, even though the video of her set shows she was getting a consistently positive response from the audience, delivering some solid gags, and charming the heck out of the hecklers… rather than trying to out-shout and out-swear them the way some of the guys did!

For some reason, we’re getting two instalments next week… a regular episode on Monday, and then the big, scary Live Final on Thursday! I was amused by Copstick’s rather optimistic suggestion that “the entire nation” would be watching the final… although, obviously when she said that she hadn’t seen the viewing figures for the previous episodes! Apparently there’ll be a Live Tour after that, featuring the eventual winner and two runners-up… but they don’t seem to be stopping anywhere near me, unfortunately.

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