BeatnikWatch: Lynn Collins

Lynn Collins as ‘Beatnik Girl’ in “Down with Love”While watching Down With Love (2003) the other day, it occurred to me that “Comedy Beatnik” characters were the old-timey precursor to modern “Comedy Goth” characters… in the sense that they both wear a lot of black, and like to freak the other characters out by talking about death and stuff. In one scene of the movie, Ewan McGregor’s character stumbles into a Beatnik party, and gets approached by a naked woman (long hair strategically covering her boobs), who breaks the ice by daring him to “Ask me why I mourn…” Turns out the cause of her despair is the restrictive suit he’s wearing, so he selflessly offers to remove it, in the hope that this would help cheer her up a bit! What a gent.

The clothing-averse bohemian in question was played by Lynn Collins, who attended the Juilliard School for Drama, and is probably best known right now for playing ‘Kayla Silverfox’ in X-Men Origins: Wolverine… although she also had a recurring role in the first season of True Blood, as a Merlotte’s waitress named ‘Dawn Green’ (who sadly didn’t live to see the second season!) Collins has also been cast as the female lead in the upcoming John Carter movie, playing ‘Dejah Thoris’, aka “A Princess of Mars”… a part previously played by Traci Lords (of Cry Baby fame), in a slightly cheaper adaptation of the same source material. By a wacky co-inky-dink, in the original novel Thoris also introduced herself to the hero while bare-ass naked, as (according to Wikipedia) “Except for some jewelry, all of the planet’s races seem to eschew clothing and look down upon Earth’s inhabitants because they do wear clothing.” Beatniks in space!? Who’d a thunk it?

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