Working For the Yankee Dollar

Arielle Dombasle à la "Amor Amor"Curious to learn more about Arielle Dombasle (of Raging Angel fame), I had a quick Google and found her brilliantly bizarre video for a song called “Rhum and Coca-Cola”… which features a much higher body count than one might expect for such a jaunty tune. Apparently this lilting calypso number was a “racy hit” for the Andrews Sisters, back in the day… although I’m not sure modern audiences would be much impressed by their attempts to approximate a “West Indian” accent. Oy. I was intrigued to learn that the song was originally written as a satirical comment on the number of local island girls who were selling themselves to American G.I.s, but the clueless Sisters had no idea what they were singing about at the time! Anyhoo, the single was taken from Dombasle’s album Amor Amor (2005), which the New York Post described as a “throwback gem… a lush, mysterious and très sexy album, a perfect mood-setter for a hip Latino New York soiree.” Contrary to my claims in the previous post, many of the songs on this recording have English or Spanish lyrics… so that shows what I know!

According to a brief interview she gave to The Telegraph while promoting the album, Dombasle is “one half of France’s most famous couple”, along with writer and “superstar philosopher” Bernard-Henri Levy. “When she and Levy finally got married after a seven-year secret affair, 300 paparazzi were there to record the nuptials. Only in France would a philosopher be treated like a rock star (although his smouldering good looks helped), and the alliance with Dombasle, one of France’s most cherished actresses, was irresistible to the media there.” So… yeah… here in England she’s almost totally anonymous, but a quick hop over the Channel and she’s practically royalty! Who knew?

[Legal disclaimer: Other soft-drinks and sodas are available. Please drink responsibly. Please do not agree to appear in crappy, reactionary, low-budget horror flicks if you already have a decent career on the boil.]

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