The Appuntice: Week 6

Tiffany Stevenson in “Show Me The Funny” (Week 6)[An ongoing series of ill-informed rambles about ITV’s Show Me The Funny]

This week the five remaining joke-jockeys headed to Blackpool, the supposed “home of British comedy” (!), for the semi-final round! Weirdly, the ITV programme guide claimed that their task this week would be to “take over the entertainment at two local B&Bs”, but in the version that was actually broadcast they’d ditched the whole “task” segment in favour of individual recaps of the contestants’ progress so far, and longer sets. Does this mean the show-runners actually re-edited the episode, in response to all the negative criticism? Or is it just a mistake on the part of whoever wrote and posted the programme guide? Either way, the poor souls had to step up in front of their biggest audience to date… a 500-strong crowd of comedy-starved holiday-makers! At least they were allowed to fall back on their tried and tested material this week, to help pad out the extended ten minute slots.

Ellie was first up, getting off to a slightly faltering start and nervously looking down at the set-list scribbled on her hand throughout… so it wasn’t a huge surprise when she was voted off at the end of the show… even though her only real crime was inexperience. None of the judges doubted the quality of her material, they just thought her delivery was a little too hesitant and jittery. She had quite an emotional exit though… got me a little choked up… but, as they say in Barton Fink: “We’ll be hearing from that kid, and I don’t mean a postcard!” Meanwhile, Tiff started strong and then slowly tailed off, as she followed the judges’ advice to weave more personal material into her act… which is all well and good, but if you aren’t keeping the jokes up, then what’s the point? I mean, if it were an hour long show in the appropriate setting, then I would’ve been happy to see some philosophising and soul searching… but she only had ten minutes on stage, in front of a bunch of heat-weary grockles… so, maybe a case of “wrong place, wrong time”? That said, the judges were impressed that she’d stepped outside her comfort zone and taken a risk, and thus rewarded her with a spot in the live final on Thursday! Hurrah!

Now, since the overall winner will be decided by public vote, I have to decide whether I’m going to simply vote for Tiff on principle, or vote for the night’s best performer regardless of gender. Hmmm…

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