The Appuntice: Live Final

Tiffany Stevenson in "Show Me The Funny" (Live Final)[An ongoing series of ill-informed rambles about ITV’s Show Me The Funny]

When this series began I naively hoped that as they whittled down the contestants we’d start to see longer sets from the ones that remained… and that did actually happen in the previous episode… but, for some stupid reason, the SMTF suits reverted back to their comedy-light, filler-heavy format for the live final, even though there were only three acts competing! Gah! The decision to cut the comics back to five minute sets again was insane… and the “mentor training” videos were only intermittently amusing… so the rest of the show was just dead air, as far as I’m concerned. I still felt some lingering goodwill for SMTF before I watched this anti-climactic arse-wipery, but now I’m washing my hands of it. The show needs a serious overhaul before they even think about bringing it back for a second series…

So… Tiff… yeah. What can I say? Her bus tour was relatively enjoyable… and it was rather sweet to see Bob Mortimer crushing on her like a love-struck teenager. Can’t blame him though, really… she is very crush-worthy. I thought her set was pretty good too, although to be perfectly honest, Dan is probably more my “speed”, with his surrealism and wordplay. Tiff’s act seems quite chummy and observational, which is a perfectly respectable way to go, but not really my favourite flavour. She’s definitely “LOL” funny, but she isn’t “WTF!?” funny, in the same way that Silverman and Schaal are. That said, I decided to stick to my principals and vote for her anyway… because she is, as Copstick observed, “a proper grown-up stand-up”. I didn’t laugh at Pat’s act at all… so naturally the viewing public decided that he was the stuff that win was made of! He seems like a lovely guy, and he’d probably be a lot of fun to hang out with, but I wouldn’t pay a penny to see him perform. I know humour is subjective, but that result really threw me. I guess it probably didn’t help that they used Tiff’s screechiest soundbite to play under the voting numbers? I smell a conspiracy…

Ah well, at least it saves me the cost of a DVD this Christmas!

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