ArtCrush: N.C. Winters

“I am Jack's Broken Heart” (2009) by N.C. WintersI found this fantastic portrait of my second favourite rom-com heroine ‘Marla Singer’, via a Fight Club FaceBook post. The piece is titled “I am Jack’s Broken Heart” (2009) and was painted in acrylic and resin on wood, by N.C. Winters. Sadly it’s already been sold, and is not available as a poster, as far as I can see. But who is this Mr Winters fellow, and what’s his deal? Well, to quote his bio page:

“I’m N.C. Winters and I try to make art that’s fun to look at. I paint, draw, write comic strips, design and do production work… I make paintings for galleries, do various illustration work and am available for commissions. I am constantly drawing, and used to try to post a drawing every day, and made it about a year before that became an unrealistic goal.”

His online gallery includes a pretty awesome painting of ‘Ramona Flowers’ from Scott Pilgrim, and some rather goth-y randoms too… so check it out!

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