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Emily Perkins as ‘Crystal Braywood’ in "Hiccups"The second season of Hiccups finished this week, and while I still find Millie’s antics quite amusing, and think Nancy Robertson and Brent Butt give great performances, this season was sadly lacking in the Emily Perkins department. Apparently she was off on maternity leave, and I thought the way they dealt with her character’s strangely simpatico absence was quite nifty, but that doesn’t change the fact that she only appeared in 4 out of 13 episodes, and my interest in the show flagged considerably during the extended period between those appearances. That’s not only because I have a crush on her… I just think that her character, Crystal, brings a very different energy to the show. Millie has her darker moments, of course, but everyone else is so darn cuddly and cute… it needs someone spiky and antisocial like Crystal to give the thing some “edge”… relatively speaking. I mean, it’s always going to be quite a fluffy and lightweight show by design, but without the patented Perkins snark and sneer, it was in danger of blowing away completely. Tch! Anyhoo, in case you’re curious, there’s a video interview with Perkins on the official Hiccups site, where she talks about her character, and her pregnancy.

Note: The writers still haven’t revealed who Stan had to kill to get a wife as hot as Anna… I assume they’re saving that big reveal for a spin-off movie…?

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