Where Comedy Went To Die…

Tania Raymonde as ‘Officer Carla Rinaldi’ in “Death Valley”Death Valley is a spanky new supernatural sitcom, which premiered on MTV last night. Pitched as a mockumentary following the exploits of the newly formed Undead Task Force (UTF), a division of the LAPD created to combat the unexpected and unprecedented emergence of monsters in the San Fernando Valley, the show struck me as a rather queasy mash-up of Night Watch and Police Academy. Does that sound like an appealing prospect to you? Does it? Of course it doesn’t… but apparently there are people out there who thought it would be a great idea to mix gritty horror-movie gore with wacky, semi-improvised skylarking. Gah! It’s frustrating, because the monster effects and make-up are fantastic, and the action scenes are quite cool… but they’re constantly undermined by all the clumsy bumbling and inept “banter”. It just makes me sad that there isn’t a show on the air that combines the wit and charm of a crime procedural like Castle with the monster-fighting (and f*cking) of True Blood… preferably with M-Rod in a lead role. Sigh…

Aside from a weakness for all things undead, my main reason for watching this show was the presence of Tania Raymonde… aka ‘Alex Rousseau’ from Lost. It’s impossible to really judge her performance here, because the tone of the show is so uneven, but she does look damn foxy in her uniform, for what it’s worth.

I’d say Death Valley is worth checking out if you’re a horror fan who can filter out the clowning… just don’t go in expecting the show to resemble the description on its Wikipedia page, because that thing makes it sound waaay more compelling and competent than it really is.

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