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Meredith MacNeill as ‘Millie’ (aka ‘Cpt. Porter’) in “FAQ About Time Travel”[Contains SPOILERS!!!]

I must admit I wasn’t expecting very much from FAQ About Time Travel (2009) when I rented it, but after a shaky start it turned out to be a very engaging and amusing sci-fi comedy. For those who don’t know, this BBC/HBO co-production follows two twenty-something nerds and their cynical friend, as they attempt to unravel a mind-bending, time-travelling murder mystery centred around their local pub, with the intermittent (and largely ineffectual) assistance of a cute American girl from the future, played by Anna Faris. I can’t really go into more plot details, because it starts to get very tricky once they start hopping back and forth in time, encountering past and future version of themselves… but I was very impressed by the way the writer managed to spin such a complex story around such a restrictive location… and there are some good jokes in there too, along with winning performances from the main cast. I thought Faris was playing her lines a little too straight, as if she didn’t realise her character was supposed to be joking… but then, she is from the future, so maybe it was a deliberate choice, to make her seem slightly more alien and enigmatic? Dunno.

Meredith MacNeill as ‘Millie’ (aka ‘Cpt. Porter’) in “FAQ About Time Travel”As I say, I ended up really enjoying FAQ, and will probably buy my own copy at some point, but initially my only interest in the flick was that Faris had a malevolent nemesis played by none other than Meredith MacNeill! She doesn’t show up until about fifty minutes in, and doesn’t even get a credit on the film’s official site, but I thought she was a lot of fun to watch here as a sexy super-villain with a goofy side… and it just fills my geeky heart with joy to see her shooting brain-melting beams from her eyeballs, and destructive energy blasts from her hands! Swoon.

I don’t want to give away the ending, but it did leave me feeling slightly disappointed that this film hasn’t yet spawned a spin-off series of bigger-budgeted adventures, because I would watch the crap out of that… assuming they kept MacNeill in it as a recurring antagonist, of course. FAQ About Saving The World, anyone..?

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