The Appuntice: Live Tour

Tiffany Stevenson in “Show Me The Funny” (Week 6)[An ongoing series of ill-informed rambles about ITV’s Show Me The Funny]

It’s been a couple of weeks since the anti-climatic, bore-fest finale of SMTF, and the three finalists have been touring up and down the country at various venues… including a stop at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, where competition winner (boo!) Patrick Monahan’s headlining act was filmed for a forthcoming DVD, as part of his ill-deserved prize. I’ve read a few reviews of that particular gig, and they generally seem to agree on these three points:

1) The production team were struggling to fill empty seats in the theatre for the recording.

2) Patrick went on too long, “titted about” too much, and wasn’t very funny at all.

3) Dan Mitchell and Tiffany Stevenson stole the show with their supporting slots.

Shocker! To be fair, I’ve also read a couple of reviews from the smaller regional gigs, and they seem to be more pro-Patrick, so it may just have been the pressure and/or added complications of the filming that put him off his stroke… or maybe the London critics are just jaded cynics? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Either way, here are some complimentary pull-quotes about Tiff:

Tiffany Stevenson“Tiffany Stevenson’s bubbly personality helped to hide some pedestrian patter, though she had a nice line on ageing, dreading the triple whammy of Botox, beige and bingo.” – This Is London

“Earlier, runners-up Dan Mitchell and Tiffany Stevenson pitched in tighter 20-minute sets – the latter’s being the more accomplished. Stevenson presents herself in a familiar way: she starts with a gag about her “muffin top” and stays mouthy, cynical and sexually frank. But she inhabits the archetype with confidence, and isn’t short of good gags – about Austria, abortion and a recent mice infestation at her north London home. She left us wanting more; Monahan left me wanting much less.”The Guardian

“Next came Stevenson, a talented comic who has been on the club and Fringe circuit for a few years and whom many will have thought unlucky not to win [SMTF]… She came on stage raring to go, doing a very strong and well-received 20 minutes from her hour-long Edinburgh set, and she raised the comedy temperature in the room immediately. Subtle jokes about sex, boyfriends and being a working-class girl at heart played well with an audience whom she used well as foils for her jokes.”The Arts Desk

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