Awesome Sitcom Cameo Of The Week…

Natasha Lyonne as ‘Gretchen’ in “New Girl” (ep 3.1)Playing a kooky Yin to 2 Broke Girls’s grinding Yang, the undeniably “adorkable” New Girl scored big points with me this week, when they brought in Natasha Lyonne to play Schmidt’s sexually-aggressive and domineering “fun-buddy”. I try not to pay too much attention to tittle-tattle about the private lives of actors and musicians (because it’s really none of my business), but I think it’s fair to say that Lyonne has been a little off her game for a couple of years now… so, naturally, I was heartened to see her coming back strong in such a (relatively) high-profile role. For what it’s worth, I thought she looked great here, and more importantly, she definitely brought the funny… so, yay! Apparently New Girl was recently given an extended 24-episode-long first season… and Schmidt was being coaxed towards seeing ‘Gretchen’ in a more conventional, less bedroom-oriented context, so it’s possible that Lyonne could make another appearance before the end of the year… right? Fingers crossed.

Oh, there was also some hilarious work from Deschanel in this episode, as she attempted to “suppress the Jess” and pass herself off as Nick’s totally normal girlfriend at a wedding. Apparently her definition of “normal” involves cutting her underwear off in a hotel bathroom with a cake knife… y’know, “girl stuff”.

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