Dispiriting Sitcom Cameo Of The Week…

Sarah Buehler as ‘Tough White Girl’ in "2 Broke Girls" (ep 1.3)So, I’m still watching 2 Broke Girls… more out of professional curiosity, than any actual affection for the characters or amusement at the “jokes”… and this week’s episode featured a rather familiar face, in a rather depressingly ephemeral role. Despite her fine work in the late, lamented Life, apparently Sarah Buehler has been condemned to portray a procession of token tattooed chicks in network sitcoms now. Gah! Here she played a ‘Tough White Girl’, who (along with her equally anonymous friend ‘Puerto Rican Girl’) conspired to steal a Strokes T-shirt from Max’s basket while she was teaching Caroline how to find the best bargains in a charity shop. Gasp! For anyone who doesn’t watch the show, I’d like to point out that was actually the “A-plot” of the episode. Seriously. Later they ran into ‘Tough White Girl’ again in a bar, so Caroline confronted her, and got her hair pulled, and then the scene just sort of ended. The entirety of Buehler’s dialogue (from both scenes) runs as follows:

“I had to throw up.”

“What are you sayin’, bitch?”

“You wanna feel my foot, bitch?”

Feh. It’s just depressing, because… well, I’m not sure any actress could do much with lines like that… and obviously she’s already proven that she can act when she’s given an actual character to play, and a decent duologue to sink her teeth into… but sadly she comes off as slightly stilted when all she’s given to do is deliver snarky/aggressive one-liners, out of the blue like this. If I’d actually gotten the chance to take my sitcom pilot to New York and pitch it to people, then Buehler would have been my first choice for one of the leads, because she has the perfect look and attitude for the role. In fact, if I’m honest, one of the main reasons for writing the show in the first place was so there’d be more inked-up rock chicks on TV… because I’m altruistic like that. :)

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