Playing With Fryer

Emma Fryer as ‘Janine’ in “PhoneShop” (Series 2)Last week, while I was prematurely bemoaning the end of Perfect Couples, I forgot to mention the silver lining: PhoneShop is back for a second series this week! Admittedly, I was rather slow to catch on to the show first time around, but I’m a fan now, and looking forward to having some more bizarre highstreet slang to untangle. It also means the return of Emma Fryer to our screens, of course, which is definitely cause for celebration… especially in light of the fact that the Beeb have announced that they won’t be bringing Ideal back another series (boo!)

During her brief sitcom hiatus, Fryer played a shopping channel presenter in a live show with Johnny Vegas, and also cropped up as the wife of a hitman in a horror flick called Kill List, which has been picking up some very good reviews on the international festival circuit, and currently holds an approval rating of 87% at RottenTomatoes. Hurrah!

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