Where There’s A Wilma…

Kristen Johnston as ‘Wilma Slaghoople’ in “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas”I always hated The Flintstones as a kid… on the surface it looked like a fun children’s cartoon, but at heart it was just a boring, middle-aged sitcom about an angry boor who lies to his wife a lot. Even if I had enjoyed the animated series, I would still have had a hard time accepting the idea that it needed to be adapted into a live-action movie with real actors carrying stupid, over-sized props, and being hauled around on wires to engineer the painfully stilted, pointless visual gags. Why not let a cartoon be a cartoon, and let a film be a film?

That said, I did watch The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) when it was shown on ITV2 last Sunday, simply because it stars Kristen Johnston and Jane Krakowski, as ‘Wilma’ and ‘Betty’ respectively. For those who don’t know, this flop prequel tells the story of how ‘Fred Flintstone’ (Mark Addy) and ‘Barney Rubble’ (Stephen Baldwin!?) first came to meet and romance their future wives, while being “observed” by a creepy, supercilious space alien named the ‘Great Gazoo’ (Alan Cumming). The main antagonists of the piece are conniving casino owner ‘Chip Rockefeller’ (Thomas Gibson), who has his sights set on Wilma’s family fortune, and a piss-poor Mick Jagger knock-off (Cumming, again), who dazzles Betty with his Union Jack themed furs (omg, it’s all so anachronistic!). Meh.

Jane Krakowski as ‘Betty O'Shale’ in “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas”It makes me a little sad to think that this is probably the biggest movie that the reliably hilarious Johnston and Krakowski will ever headline, because there isn’t a single laugh to be had here. I did chuckle a little at John Cho’s spiky cameo as a valet… but other than that, it was a woefully unfunny endurance event for me. The curse was lifted a little by all the close-ups of Johnston, who really does look properly gorgeous here… but she never gets to unleash the crazy comic energy that makes her so much fun to follow in other shows, so I can’t help feeling a little sorry for her. This simply isn’t the all-singin’, all-caperin’ showcase these two talented actresses deserve, dammit!

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2 Responses to Where There’s A Wilma…

  1. phantomxii says:

    You’ve pinpointed why I never liked The Flintstones. Wil Wheaton once tweeted, in essence, “Fred Flintstone was a real dick to Barney. He wouldn’t even let his best friend have some Fruity Pebbles. F$@# you, Fred.” :-)

    • deecrowseer says:

      I checked out a couple of those commercials on YouTube, and it bought all my Fred-hate flooding back. Was he really going to beat on his best-friend, just for eating a bowl of his cereal? That dude clearly had rage issues.

      Meanwhile, the only good thing that ever came out of “The Flintsones”: “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Bedrock Anthem

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