Cutting Class

Juno Temple as ‘Celia’ in “St Trinian's”So, today sees the “network premiere” of the St Trinian’s reboot (2007) on Ch4… not that “network premieres” really count for much these days, what with the abundance of film channels, cheap DVDs and interweb torrents. Still, it’s bound to mean a couple of extra hits for this blog, so who am I to complain? Fact is, half the young cast have gone on to much bigger and better things, so there’s bound to be a curiosity factor there for fans of their later work. Since the flick is airing around teatime, I’m almost tempted to watch it again just to see if they had to cut out any of the drinky, druggy or bawdy jokes… but the downside of watching it on TV, as opposed to DVD, is that I wouldn’t be able to skip through all of the unfunny/annoying scenes, so I don’t think I’ll bother.

While we’re on the subject though, I did stumble over an interview with Juno Temple the other day, in which she explained the disappointing paucity of her presence: “‘Sneeze and you’ll miss me,’ she shrugs, adding that she shot quite a few more scenes than made it into the finished film. ‘But they all involved drug-taking. They couldn’t show those because it was a PG12 or whatever – it was for young girls so they had to cut those scenes. Which I understand and think, “cool”.’” Well, I respectfully disagree… there’s nothing “cool” about cutting cute hippie chicks out of movies, dammit! Still, that might explain why her character evolved into an eco-warrior for the sequel? Wind-farms are pretty controversial, but not quite as controversial as teenagers getting hopped up on goof balls!

Shame someone can’t release an “uncut” version of this movie though… maybe make it a double-pack with an uncut version of Wild Child, for extra drunken depravity points!

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