Mader? No, She Went Of Her Own Accord!

Rebecca Mader as ‘Grace’ in “Work It”Sadly the posts I wrote about Rebecca Mader’s time on Lost (as short-lived anthropologist ‘Charlotte Lewis’) have been… er, lost… but I recall her being a very engaging actress on-screen, and an irrepressible bundle of fun in the “making of” featurettes. Therefore the news that she’d booked a recurring role on a new sitcom should be cause for celebration here at Thalia Gardens… unless, of course, that sitcom turned out to be THE WORST SHOW YOU COULD EVER POSSIBLY CONCEIVE OF!!! Okay, I’m exaggerating (a little), but the central premise of this painful misfire actually makes I Hate My Teenage Daughter seem insightful and progressive by comparison. Oy.

For those who don’t know, this crime against coherence (which debuted on ABC last night) is set in a freaky alternate universe where only the men-folk’s jobs have been effected by our current recession (or “man-cession”, as one of the more loathsome supporting characters terms it), and those wily women-folk now hold all the economic power. Oh noes! Desperate to pay their bills, two hard-working “average joes” decide to disguise themselves as lady-people in order to secure employment as sales reps for a man-hating pharmaceutical company. Egads. Leaving aside the logistics of how they actually managed to fudge their records enough to be able to legally pass themselves off as females, there’s no way in hell that anyone with functioning senses would ever mistake these two hulking drag queens for anything other than deeply unconvincing “cocks-in-frocks”. Apparently LGBT advocacy groups have already launched their objections, suggesting that this show trivialises the hardships faced by transgender people in the workplace… but really this show is an affront to us all, with its cock-eyed gender politics! GAH!!!

In case anyone’s curious, Mader plays ‘Grace’, the office’s resident “bitch”… and I’ll admit I did chuckle a little at some or her lines, but mostly I just wanted to break through the screen, and rescue her from this car crash. Walk into the light, Charlotte! Walk into the light!

P.S. When the main white guy is celebrating his new job at the pharmaceutical company, his envious Latina buddy cheerfully brags “I’m Puerto Rican… I’ll be great at selling drugs!” What the F*CK!!!???

P.P.S. I didn’t catch it myself because I’ve never seen The Accused, but apparently this episode also makes a light-hearted reference to Jodie Foster getting gang-raped in that movie. DOUBLE GAH!!!

Update (15/2/12): The show has now been officially cancelled, after just two episodes! And yes, I did watch the second one as well… it was less racist than the first ep., but just as dumb. Mader still made me chuckle though, darn her.

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