Putting The “Meh” In Meta

Alison Brie as ‘Annie Edison’ in “Community”Another entry in the category of “Things I Should Love, But Don’t” is Community, an American sitcom following the wacky adventures of a group of mismatched students attending community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.

The show is something of a pet cause over at the AV Club, so I felt an obligation to check it out… and watching the first two episodes led me to a rather peculiar conclusion: I found the show very funny and well-acted, but didn’t have the slightest interest in watching it again. Whu!? I know, right! It’s like it just went in one lobe and out the other, clean as a whistle, without my brain (or heart) forming the slightest attachment. I would have thought no more about it until a friend of mine purchased the first season on DVD, claiming that the show really picked up after the first six episodes, blossoming into what he referred to as “an American Spaced. High praise indeed, since Spaced is one of the greatest sitcoms ever made!

So, I grit my teeth and worked my way through the remaining 23 episodes, waiting for the show to work its hilarious, heart-warming magic on me… but that glorious day never came. Don’t get me wrong, Community has a great cast, an interesting blend of characters, a unique setting… but all of that yummy stuff is trapped behind a sneeze-guard of meta-humour… a force field of ironic, self-reflexive commentary and smart-assed trope-tinkering that repels me. If it hadn’t been for the adorable Alison Brie and her patented “Disney face”, I’m not sure I would have made it through the whole season… and I’m really not in any hurry to find out how the season finale’s cliff-hanger was resolved either.

PS. Community is most definitely NOT “an American Spaced!

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  1. gingersister says:

    One of the best episodes was the Halloween episode in the second season. Zombies set to an Abba soundtrack. It was pretty amazing. That being said, it is an acquired taste. I love it, but then I started watching it just as I was going back to university as an adult so some of it really resonated.

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