Molly Shannon as ‘Kathleen "Kath" Day’ and Selma Blair as ‘Kimberly Crystal "Kim" Day Baker’ in “Kath & Kim”Apparently something’s gone wonky in my brain, causing me to enjoy short-lived and critically reviled sitcoms, while simultaneously rejecting hugely successful hits. I swear it’s not on purpose! I’m not consciously trying to be a contrarian! It’s just my poor wonky brain making me look like a fool. :(

Anyhoo, I was looking for something to watch over lunch and (on a whim) I decided to download the pilot of the 2008 American remake of Kath & Kim (an Aussie sitcom about a spoiled, immature daughter who goes huffing back to live with her chintzy mother when the honeymoon period with her new husband starts to wane). Despite my appreciation for Australian comedies like Let the Blood Run Free and Double the Fist, I can’t say I was particularly impressed with the original, fair-dinkum version of K&K… it had the off-putting whiff of a semi-improvised character study where the performers had a sneering contempt for the subjects they were portraying, like school kids doing mocking impressions of their teachers. Whether Selma Blair and Molly Shannon bring any more humanity or empathy to the same characters I couldn’t really say, but as a long-time fan of both performers, I found myself warming to their incarnations of Kim and Kath regardless. Obviously casting a regulation hottie like Blair in the role of Kim undermines the whole “joke” about how grotesque and stupid she’s supposed to look in her inappropriately tight and youthful clothing, but since I never found that joke very funny in the first place, I can’t say I cared… and surely being able to see Blair’s bare legs and belly is its own reward?

I’m not going to claim this was the most laugh-packed twenty minutes of my life (or even of the year so far), but there were enough casual chuckles here to make me want to catch the next episode… especially since Melissa Rauch apparently has a supporting role as Kim’s nemesis ‘Tina’ at some point in the series… and it’s a pretty painless way to kill some time until Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane is finally released on DVD! [crosses fingers, touches wood]

Note: I’m actually having a hard time finding any more K&K (US) episodes to download today. The complete first season boxset is going for the rock-bottom price of $4.01 (£2.55) on, but it probably wouldn’t work out as such a bargain with the import fees added on top of that! Poop.

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