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Sleigh Bells for "GQ" magazine, 2012This week sees the release of Reign of Terror, the second album by Brooklyn-based “noise pop” duo Sleigh Bells… although I’ve only just started listening to their 2010 debut release, Treats!

I “discovered” this band the same way I discovered Jessie J… I was watching an early morning pop music show with the sound muted (out of consideration to my neighbours), when a cute tattooed woman appeared on the screen, jumping around on a bed and singing into the camera, and I impatiently waited for the presenters to identify the act by name so I could search them out online later, and find out how they sounded! I’ve mentioned before how as you get older, and a little more jaded, you can lose the ability to get excited about new music because your head is already full of so much old music… but I don’t think Sleigh Bells sounds like anything I’ve ever heard before! The sweet vocal harmonies and poppy lyrics mashed together with those shredding guitars… it’s like being blasted in the face by a shotgun loaded with rainbows! Apparently this sort of music is officially designated “noise pop”, which just sounds like another word for “punk” or “industrial” to me… whatever it is, I like it!

Note: The video in question was for their latest single, ‘Comeback Kid’… and the rifle that lead-singer Alexis Krauss dances with was covered by a constantly shifting, censorious black box!

Oh, and according to this old interview with Spin magazine, Krauss’s mantra is “Work hard. Be nice.” Words to live by!

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