Ridnap II: The Renapping

Carrienap01Apparently there’s a new (three-part) series of Kidnap and Ransom starting tonight on ITV1. Long-time-readers-with-nothing-better-to-do may remember that when I tried to watch the first series, I ended up getting distracted by a spider under my bed… well, by a wacky coincidence that spider (or one of his pals) has also returned, prompting me to schedule a deep hoovering for this afternoon. Hopefully that should be over and done with by the time the programme starts though. Unless the spiders win this time. Eep!

According to IMDb, Amara Karan will be returning in the role of ‘Carrie’… so I guess she didn’t turn out to be the big villain in the last series? Ah well… it’s a proven scientific fact that anytime Karan appears on a TV or cinema screen, another angel gets their wings. So I’m glad that ITV are doing their part to keep the angelic host airbourne!

In other Karan-related news, All In Good Time made its debut at the Glasgow Film Theatre as part of the city’s film festival this week, and should see a general release in May. Hurrah!

Update: (24/02/12) Watched the first episode, and even without any arachnids to distract me, it was still remarkably hard to take the story seriously. It began with the “ace negotiator” shiftily dumping a concealed body in a lake, before flashing back a couple of weeks to find him losing a chess game to a random old man in a Kashmiri market, then botching a handover so badly the kidnappers ended up taking an entire bus load of tourists hostage! Why do the writers go to so much trouble to make the main character look totally incompetent at the start of every series? I know it’s supposed to be a very tense and suspenseful thriller, but I found it hilarious. There was also something uncomfortably colonial about an arrogant white foreigner smugly telling the local police how to do their jobs… especially since he’s the one who caused all the trouble in the first place! And what a total waste of Karan’s talents this show is… all she seems to do is fetch and carry for him… presumably that’s why they called her character “Carrie” in the first place? Meh.

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