HippieWatch: Guerrin Gardner

Max Greenfield as ‘Schmidt’ and Guerrin Gardner as ‘Dirty Hippie Chick’ in “New Girl” (ep #1.16)While we’re on the subject of cavorting “flower children”, this week’s instalment of New Girl (ep #1.16) saw the disarmingly domestic dandy ‘Schmidt’ (Max Greenfield) casting off his household duties, work commitments, and finely tailored clothing, in order to join a hippie drumming circle down on the beach! The “push factor” behind this unexpected flip-flop was an attempt by ‘Jess’ (Zooey Deschanel) to stop her flatmates from exploiting Schmidt’s clean-freak craziness for their own selfish comfort, by encouraging him to “mellow out”… but the “pull factor” was a cute hippie chick, played by Guerrin Gardner, who seductively gestured for him to come and dance with her.

The character didn’t have a single line of dialogue, and is credited only as ‘Dirty Hippie Girl’ (which, btw, is probably the funnest kind), but “hippie” sightings are so rare in comedies these days, I have to take ‘em where I can get ‘em!

Note: The AV Club review of this episode highlights how Schmidt has become the show’s surprise “breakout character”, thanks to Greenfield’s genius performance, and peculiar pronunciation choices. Say it with me: Chut-er-nee.

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