Snooki’s Lament

Karen Diconcetto as ‘Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi’ in "Jersey Shoresical”On a random nostalgia kick I gave Daphne & Celeste a quick Google this morning, and felt a weird sense of pride when I saw how high this blog ranked in the search results… then I felt a stab of shame and regret over the fact that I’d completely missed a pretty substantial piece of D&C-related news from late last year…

Apparently Karen DiConcetto (aka “Daphne”) appeared in a musical parody of the MTV “reality show” Jersey Shore, which scored rave reviews at the New York International Fringe Festival, before moving on to NYC’s Players Theatre. She portrayed Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who sings a moving ballad about bagging the “gorilla juicehead” of her dreams, while clutching a jar of pickles (a brief clip of her solo number can be seen in this ABC News report on the show). The Village Voice described her as “perfect” in the role… although according to the official site, she’s only listed as an “alternate” now, and the part has been passed on to Daisy Eagan (the youngest actress to ever win a Tony Award, according to her bio!). Still, she seemed to get a lot of exposure out of it, with her photo appearing all over the place, so hopefully it’s helped to boost her profile again… and hopefully she’ll get some parts that don’t require quite so much fake tan in future (although I think she still manages to look remarkably cute under all that make-up!)

It seems crazy to say this, but when I daydream about making it in the film business, Cruz and DiConcetto still rate among the Top 10 American celebrities I’d most want to work with (and hang out with). I can’t explain it, but they still seem super-cool to me. Most of my film scripts so far have been deliberately Brit-centric, but I do have a few ideas for stories that could only really take place In America, and no doubt I’ll try to crowbar D&C into the cast somehow…

Note: DiConcetto’s most recent IMDb credit is for an appearance as ‘herself’ on RuPaul’s Drag Race, back in February… although I have no way of confirming that myself.


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