The Camilling

Actress Sofie Gråbøl, Camilla ‘Duchess of Cornwall’, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, on the set of “The Killing”, in Copenhagen, Denmark. March 27th 2012.As an armchair socialist I’ve never been a big fan of the British Royal Family, but I accept that they’re a big tourist attraction, and that tourism equals jobs/money, so fair enough. Despite their luxurious and glamorous lifestyles, I’ve never really felt myself envying a Royal… until today, when I saw the photos of Sofie Gråbøl presenting Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, with one of Sarah Lund’s iconic jumpers, on the set of the new series of The Killing… then I realised that it was just a crappy cardigan version, and a lot of that envy dissipated (although I’d still love to meet Gråbøl in person someday, obviously).

This picture illustrates one of the most obvious differences between Gråbøl and her character, because there’s no way that Lund would have had the time or the patience to stand around smiling and making nice for the cameras… she’d either have blanked Camilla completely, or asked her incredibly impertinent questions until she was shooed away by security. Bless her. Speaking of security, I’m a little surprised to see that Gråbøl was allowed to wear a gun in her holster while posing with the Royals… according to a BBC report, the Duchess asked to see the replica pistol, then started waving it around, joking “It was me all along”. Fun!

The whole set visit seems a little odd to me, but apparently Camilla is a big fan of the show, and was keen to have a nose around. Series writer/creator, Soren Sveistrup, who met her and her hubby last Monday at a fancy reception, said: “Royalty is not the kind of audience you would expect. Prince Charles told me that it was Camilla who introduced him to The Killing… He said it was one of the only things they could agree on seeing together.” He also reported that this third, 10-episode series of The Killing will be the last. “We have to stop while we are still good. We don’t want to repeat ourselves.”

Meanwhile, how cute is Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark? Answer: Very cute indeed. Apparently she’s a born and bred Aussie “commoner”, who Prince Frederik picked up in a pub in Sydney, during the 2000 Summer Olympics! Now that’s a “fairytale” romance I can appreciate…

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