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Melanie Kannokada as ‘Simran’ in “Rules of Engagement”Last night I was watching an episode of Rules of Engagement on E4, in which ‘Timmy’ (Adhir Kalyan), the young Desi office assistant, was attempting to keep his sleazy boss, ‘Russell’ (David Spade), from flirting with his ridiculously cute sister, via video chat. It was only when the credits rolled that I realised the sister, named ‘Simran’, was played by Melanie Kannokada, an actress I’d only been writing about a few days ago, when she popped up as a Flight Attendant in Sex and the City 2! I must have watched a couple of seasons’ worth of this show by now, and I always feel a little sad for the random hot chicks Russell flirts with, because they’re basically just there to smile dumbly while he works through his schtick, and then walk out of the club arm-in-arm with him. It was even worse for Kannokada though, because they kept an image of her in the bottom corner of the screen during the video-chats, so she had to maintain the illusion of attraction for a lot longer than usual… and I have to say she did a bang up job of appearing amused and flattered by the lame stunts he was pulling to impress her. Of course, I still don’t buy the fact that they’d actually hook up together in the end, but that’s certainly not her fault… she was acting as hard as she could, dammit!

While we’re on the subject, I should probably give a shout-out to Nazneen Contractor, who appeared in several Season 4 episodes as ‘Suneetha’, Timmy’s fiancée in an arranged marriage, who Russell also became obsessed with. Apparently Contractor recently appeared on 24 (Day 8), and is up for a super-secret role in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel.

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