But Not Broken

Margo Harshman as ‘Screwsie’ in “Bent”David Walton doesn’t seem to be having a lot of luck with sitcoms… first Perfect Couples gets shunted from the mainline before the end of its first season, and now the six existing episodes of his latest show, Bent, have been burnt off in two-episode chunks, over the past three weeks. Harsh… particularly when you consider the generally positive reviews its brief run attracted from sympathetic critics.

For those who don’t know, this breezy rom-com starred Amanda Peet as ‘Alex Meyers’, a no-nonsense lawyer (and recently divorced single mother), who hires an irresponsible-but-ridiculously-handsome contractor (Walton) to renovate her kitchen. Of course, at first she finds him intensely aggravating and arrogant, but slowly, grudgingly warms to him over the course of the series. Watching from the sidelines are Alex’s slightly-slutty younger sister ‘Screwsie’ (Margo Harshman), and helmet-haired daughter ‘Charlie’ (Joey King). Peet has to play everything pretty straight and serious, so Harshman is free to steal a lot of scenes as the less stuffy sibling… flirting with the workmen, drinking at random hours of the day, and encouraging Charlie to wreak petty vengeance on her bullies! Harshman also appeared in Rise: Blood Hunter, as the police detective’s missing daughter… but by the time her character appeared I must have been too busy watching the clock to pay much attention. She was great here though, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for her in future. I thought King was very sweet and engaging too… although she did have a peculiar habit of vanishing for entire episodes, without anyone noticing!

Overall, I liked this show, but it was more of a pleasant time-passer than a gripping gut-buster… there was just something a little too laid-back about the way it was written and performed for my liking. Basically, it was the sitcom equivalent of Katie Melua’s music… charming and diverting, but unlikely to set many pulses racing.

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