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Morgana Robinson as ‘Amy Childs’ in “Very Important People”While I was busy raving about Stevie TV yesterday, I forgot to mention that a new British celebrity-spoof-sketch-show, starring Morgana Robinson, began on Friday night… Ch4’s Very Important People. Now, it probably isn’t fair to compare the two shows, but who ever said the internet was fair? While the celeb targets in VIP were more familiar to me than the ones tackled by STV, they were also a lot less interesting… and the humour was far more mundane overall. By and large the writers seemed content to figure out one fairly basic joke for each celeb character, and just stretch that joke out over the length of the sketch, by telling it over and over again. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a few of those same jokes are reheated for next week’s instalment too! To be fair, the gags were quite funny and well-intentioned, but big laughs were woefully few and far between. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the more rapid fire, go-for-broke style of Stevie Ryan’s show?

Morgana Robinson as ‘Fearne Cotton’ in “Very Important People”As for Robinson herself, I think she’s a very talented mimic, and it was fun (if a little freaky) to see her dressing up as male celebs like Frankie Boyle and Danny Dyer… and she does a very good Russell Brand too… but her Fearne Cotton seemed a little too subdued this time around (i.e., she didn’t keep slapping herself for no apparent reason). The high-point of the show for me was probably the skit where she played Amy Childs as a vapid news reader… partly for her line readings, but mostly for the silly faces she was pulling. Going back to what I was saying in my previous post, I don’t really know who Childs is, aside from seeing her on the occasional magazine cover, but clearly these flash-in-the-pan “reality TV stars” are the funnest fish in the barrel to shoot, comedy-wise.

Meanwhile, the DVD of Robinson’s previous vehicle, The Morgana Show, should be available to buy tomorrow. Timely!

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