GothWatch: Stevie Ryan

Stevie Ryan in the “Goth Blocked” promo videoJust when I thought my Stevie-fever had peaked, I discover that she once recorded a comedy video in full Goth get-up! Swoon!

I couldn’t really dig up any details about the song “Goth Blocked”, but it’s credited to Adam Paranoia (aka Adam Franklin), who seems to specialise in slightly-geeky, slightly-gothy comedy rap songs. The two of them have recorded several other (very amusing) vids together, but this one is clearly the “break out” number … and is even available to buy as a single on iTunes!

What I like most about this song is that Goths aren’t really the butt of the joke… I mean, there are a few mild digs at them in the lyrics, but it’s more about the absurdity of finding Goths popping up at random times and places, rather than a mean-spirited attack on the subculture as a whole. Heck, they even try to prevent a businessman from throwing himself off a rooftop, which is a nice counterpoint to the usual stereotype of Goths as perpetually depressed, suicidal types…


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