Miriam Shor as ‘Cricket Caruth-Reilly’ in “GCB”The first season of GCB finale-d this week, after a ten episode run… and (for my sins) I sat through every damned one of them! Overall I found the humour far too broad and slap-sticky for my tastes, and the potentially engaging redemption/forgiveness arc seemed to get lost under all the peripheral noise about Biblical diet plans and “Condos for Christ”… and ending the season by sending all of the main characters on a trip to Mexico, for reasons far too ridiculous and implausible to summarise, was a real “jumping the shark” moment, imho.

Although I’ll always have a soft-spot for Kristin Chenoweth, and the rest of the cast are undoubtedly very talented and attractive ladies in their own right, the only character I developed any attachment to was ‘Cricket Caruth-Reilly’, played by Miriam Shor. Obviously I was biased by my pre-existing admiration for Shor, but I was also intrigued by Cricket’s relationship with her husband, ‘Blake’ (Mark Deklin), a closeted homosexual. There was something very sweet, and a little sad, about the way they obviously loved each other, and complemented each other perfectly at work, but just couldn’t get it together in the bedroom department. Their relationship was the one aspect of the show I actually ended up caring about, but even that was eventually undermined by the introduction of a dickish horse-breeder, who set his sights on Cricket and not-so-subtlety threatened to expose Blake. Boo! It was fun seeing Shor compete with Chenoweth for a starring role in the church musical, but sadly most of her singing tended to be deliberately OTT, rather than from the heart. Meanwhile, I was annoyed to see that Shor is barely visible on the cover of the forthcoming DVD boxset, hidden away in the back row like a naughty child. Harsh.

Oh, almost forgot… the final episode featured a cameo by Sandra Bernhard, as an eco-warrior who claims to be of Native Mexican descent (don’t ask). While searching for photos, I found this interview on the Hulu site, in which she discusses her time on GCB and her thoughts about the current status of women in comedy. The AV Club also has an interview with the totally adorable Annie Potts about this show, and other previous “random roles”, which makes for fun reading.

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