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Chriselle Almeida as ‘Lakshmi Choudhry’ in “The Big Bang Theory” (ep #5.20)[Contains (mis)match-making SPOILERS!]

Chriselle Almeida’s episode of The Big Bang Theory aired on E4 last night, here in the UK (ep #5.20, in case you’re curious). She played ‘Lakshmi Choudhry’, an Indian girl ‘Raj’ asked his parents to set him up with, so he wouldn’t have to go to the Wolowitz wedding alone. Fun fact: According to the The Big Bang Theory Wiki, Lakshmi was referenced in passing all the way back in ep #3.7, during a Skype chat between Raj’s parents and ‘Sheldon’. Continuity!

The two of them seemed to be getting on remarkably well, until Lakshmi revealed that she’s a closeted lesbian, who was hoping to arrange a sex-less marriage of mutual convenience with Raj, assuming (along with his parents, and many audience members) that he was in fact a homosexual fella. Considering how many times the writers have winkingly nudged at this possibility in the past, it was interesting to see them tackle the subject head-on for a change… although I’m not sure how satisfying the resolution offered in this episode actually was. ‘Bernadette’ certainly didn’t seem convinced by his claims that his “baloney is only for girls”, and I can imagine a lot of viewers at home echoing her scepticism. I’m not sure how I’d like to see this play out, really… on the one Chriselle Almeida and Melissa Rauch backstage at “The Big Bang Theory”hand, as a supporter of Gay rights, it would probably be great to have such a likeable character on such a popular show come out as Gay… but on the other hand, as a Feminist, I believe it should be possible for a man to enjoy and excel in traditionally “female” areas of interest (and vice versa), without everyone automatically making assumptions about their sexuality.

Anywhoo, I thought Almeida made the most of a fairly minor straight role (if you’ll forgive the pun)… and while she didn’t really get a lot of screen-time, I’d be more than happy to see her return next season, as the fourth wheel of the girls’ team, which is slowly stealing the show from right under the boys’ noses! Speaking of which, this super-cute photo of Almeida cuddling up to Melissa Rauch, was taken from the former’s official website. Hot darn!

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